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  • Fuel Sump Door Winged Stud Replacement

    Remove old stud: Snip or cut off both sides of old stud pin and remove old stud from door.

    Install new stud: Insert new winged stud through hole in door first. Insert new stud pin in one side of new stud. Squeeze the stud pin through the stud as far as possible using a pliers. Place a small nut as a temporary spacer on the side of the stud where the stud pin has not yet pushed through. Squeeze the pliers against the stud pin on one side and against the nut on the other side, with the stud pin centered over the hole in the nut. Take care to avoid bending the stud pin. Push the stud pin through the stud, checking as you go, so that when you are finished, the stud pin protrudes evenly on both sides of the stud.

    Performance Aero, Inc. provides these suggested installation steps without any assumption of liability on our part. Appropriately trained and certified personnel are required for the installation of all aircraft parts. If you choose to complete the installation yourself using these steps, you are solely responsible for the results.

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