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    • 3M Scotch-Grip 1300L or 1300T (available from Performance Aero, Inc.)
    • Toluene to remove the old door seal and clean surfaces
    • MEK (to thin adhesive as needed)
    • Acid Brush for adhesive installation
    • Rags for cleaning surfaces


      1300L, 1300T, Toluene and MEK contain dangerous chemicals. Follow all cautions for use of these products as provide by the manufacturer. These products may also damage painted surfaces. Test a small painted surface area before using these products.

    1. Remove the old seal(s) and adhesive (use Toluene to assist removal). A small plastic scraper may help with seal removal. Clean aircraft surfaces thoroughly to insure adhesion of the new seal.
    2. Check the new seals for proper fit. Wing Root and Stabilizer seals were originally designed for application prior to installation of the wing or stabilizer. If the opening for the seal is extremely narrow, some trimming may be required prior to installation. You may need to trim off a small portion of the seals bottom flange. Fit your seals to the aircraft prior to any trimming and have a plan prior to applying the adhesive. Do not stretch the seal during installation as this will result in the eventual shrinkage of the seal.
    3. Clean all dirt and powder residue from the new seal using a clean rag and a small amount of Toluene to insure adhesion of the new seal. Both surfaces must be completely clean and dry for the installation to be successful.
    4. Thin the 1300L or 1300T with a small amount of MEK as needed for the installation.
    5. Apply a thinned coating of 1300L or 1300T to both surfaces (to the seal and to the aircraft surface) using an acid brush.
    6. Repeat step #5 as needed, using a new acid Brush
    7. Using a new acid brush use a small amount of MEK to reactivate the seal a few inches at a time ahead of the seal installation. This step will assist in making the final installations go smoothly.
      1300L, 1300T, Toluene and MEK are all dangerous products that require the use of protective equipment for your personal safety. It is your responsibility to comply with all warnings for the use of these products. Toluene and MEK may also cause damage to painted surfaces. You are responsible for testing these products prior to use on your aircraft and for any damage that may result to painted surfaces from their use.

    Performance Aero, Inc. provides these suggested installation steps without any assumption of liability on our part. Appropriately trained and certified personnel are required for the installation of all aircraft parts. If you choose to complete the installation yourself using these steps, you are solely responsible for the results.

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