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    NOTE: The universal decal kits for the Bonanza and Baron contain more decals than applicable to some aircraft. Use only the applicable decals for your aircraft model and serial number. Consult the aircraft Pilot Operating Handbook and Manufacturer's Parts catalog for proper decal selection and placement.

    CAUTION: Newly painted surfaces must be permitted to dry for 96 hours prior to decal application to ensure proper adhesion.

    INSTALLATION: For best results, please follow these instructions for decal application:

      Each decal in this kit is provided in duplicate, one with white lettering and one with black lettering. Select the proper decal to contrast with the surface color or the background to which the decal is to be applied. Decals should be applied at air temperatures of not less that 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Surfaces must be completely clean and dry for decal application. After placement allow 48 hours for the adhesive to cure on newly placed decals.

    1. Select the location upon which the decal application is to be made. For decals that are to be applied to both sides of the aircraft, carefully check the proper alignment for both sides before applying the decal. (For example: one side may have an obstruction that may require a different placement on that side and a corresponding relocation of the same decal on the other side.) Choose either the black or white lettering for the decal, to contrast with the surface location for the decal.
    2. Thoroughly clean the surface with a good quality cleaner or solvent that will not damage the painted surface or leave a film or oily residue. Some cleaners and solvents may damage painted surfaces. Test the cleaner or solvent on an inconspicuous area first to ensure that it does not damage painted surfaces.
    3. Carefully align the horizontal and vertical placement of the decal. This can be done by placing a strip of masking tape on the surface to butt against the bottom and/or side edge of the decal as the decal is laid in place.
    4. Remove the scored backing sheet from the decal. Carefully apply the decal to the surface being careful to avoid any air bubbles under the surface as the application is made. Be especially careful to avoid placing the decal over any rivet heads, if possible, as it will be difficult to make the decal lay flat.
    5. After application carefully squeegee the decal with a plastic squeegee or soft cloth to ensure adhesion. Go around each edge of the decal once again individually with finger pressure. Once the decal has been applied, the top surface, an opaque cover sheet, needs to be removed. To remove the cover sheet, gently roll or slide your finger across one of the corners of the decal towards the center of the decal. You may need to do this several times until the cover sheet begins to roll back. If after several attempts the corner you have selected does not begin to peel off, repeat the process on another corner of the decal. Once the cover begins to peel off, gently remove the cover from the decal. DO NOT use a fingernail or other sharp object to loosen the cover, as it will tend to remove the decal itself.
    These reproduction decals are to be used as replacement decals for use on the Bonanza and Baron aircraft. They are made in the USA of the highest quality 3M Brand vinyl materials with improved adhesion. They are designed specifically for exterior application to provide excellent weatherability characteristics. Each decal is reproduced in the exact original size and likeness and coated with a solvent resistant shield. Applied properly to clean dry surfaces, they will provide excellent long lasting performance.

    Performance Aero, Inc. provides these suggested installation steps without any assumption of liability on our part. Appropriately trained and certified personnel are required for the installation of all aircraft parts. If you choose to complete the installation yourself using these steps, you are solely responsible for the results.

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