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  • Baron Safe See Down Mirror Installation Instructions

    1. Locate the best place to attach your safety mirrors to the inboard side of the engine nacelles. Leave the protective release paper in place on the back of the mirrors until you are ready to permanently attach the mirrors to the nacelle doors. You may decide to use two-sided tape or masking tape to temporarily attach the mirror to the nacelles. While the aircraft engine is not running and the aircraft is parked on the ground, sit in the pilot's seat or co-pilot's seat and look out the windows to determine the best placement for the mirrors. Move the mirrors around on the nacelle until you have decided upon the best location for you.
    2. Mark the placement of the mirrors and drill a small hole in the engine nacelle doors at the very center of the mirror location that you have selected. Drill the holes sufficient to accommodate the #8/32 mounting screw.
    3. Utilize a small instrument, pick or awl as a guide tool. Place the guide tool through the hole from inside the engine nacelle door and center the mirror over the hole. Remove the protective release paper from the two-sided tape on the back of the mirror and press the mirror permanently into place on the clean dry surface of the nacelle.
    4. Remove the guide tool and install the #8/32 screw provided with the mirror.
    5. Performance Aero, Inc. provides these suggested installation steps without any assumption of liability on our part. Appropriately trained and certified personnel are required for the installation of all aircraft parts. If you choose to complete the installation yourself using these steps, you are solely responsible for the results.

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