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    Many of our decals are protected on the top surface by an opaque cover sheet that needs to be removed after the decal is applied. To remove the cover sheet, gently roll or slide your finger across one of the corners of the decal towards the center of the decal. You may need to do this several times until the cover sheet begins to roll back.

    If after several attempts the corner you have selected does not begin to peel off, repeat the process on another corner of the decal.

    Once the cover begins to peel off, gently remove the cover from the decal. DO NOT use a fingernail or other sharp object to loosen the cover as it will tend to remove the decal itself.

    Performance Aero, Inc. provides these suggested installation steps without any assumption of liability on our part. Appropriately trained and certified personnel are required for the installation of all aircraft parts. If you choose to complete the installation yourself using these steps, you are solely responsible for the results.

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